2 - 5 day trips - places we have enjoyed visiting

But first...

Not a threat – just some information about traffic fines in Norway

It costs a lot to forget traffic rules in Norway.  Here are some examples of fines:
Driving while talking on a mobile phone without using handsfree: NOK 1 700;  Sitting in a car without using a seat belt: NOK 1 500
Driving against a red traffic light, or too close to the vehicle in front: NOK 6 800
Driving against one way traffic, or in the bus/taxi lane: NOK 5 500
Not using lights or not using the signal lights: NOK 2 600
Speeding fines: these are REALLY high!  Don’t speed!   Driving after drinking alcohol: DON’T – this can give a prison sentence!


Gaustatoppen is a spectacular mountain top - at 1883 meters and in clear weather it is possible to see approximately 60,000 sq.m., one sixth of Norway's mainland. However a visit to Gausta also offers amazing nature experiences throughout the year -...

Hunderfossen Family Park with lots of trolls!

For those traveling north from Oslo, the Hunderfoss Family Park, about 3 hours by car from Vollen, at Lillehammer, is just great for children, big and small.  There are dozens of great activities for each age group but perhaps this park is most famous for the big...

Kardemomme Town in the Zoo park near Kristiansand

Kristiansand is too far for a day trip from Vollen but if you are driving the coast road to Stavanger, and have small children, this is a fun destination.  A few kilometers outside the city of Kristiansand, there is a Zoological park which is very well worth a visit....