The Kitchen / laundry / shower

The Kitchen / laundry / shower

The kitchen is equipped for up to six people and if required, we can put in one or two child’s high chair(s).  In the trolley you will find basics such as salt, pepper, some spices, tea bags, instant coffee and sugar available. There is also usually cooking oil, muesli, breakfast cereals, pasta and rice as well as a couple of little surprises.
Equipment includes a fridge, microwave, stove with four hot plates, oven, toaster and electric kettle.  There is also a small dish-washer.

The toilet room

The toilet room

In the toilet room you will find the control for the underfloor heating in the bed-sitting room.  The wheel, between the wash basin and the tall cupboard, should be turned gently 1 cm to the right to turn the heat on and back to the stop to turn off.

The hairdryer and an adapter for three prong plugs is in the cupboard.

There is a child’s toilet seat available.

Please ONLY toilet paper in the toilet. Everything else, such as wet-wipes or sanitary towels, MUST be put in the bin.

Playroom/study/2nd bedroom

Playroom/study/2nd bedroom

The apartment includes a multi-purpose room which is especially enjoyed by families as the children can play there – with board games, jigsaw puzzles, doll’s cot and doll or lego and so on.  However when requested, the children’s toys are stored and we set up the desk for a computer.  We then add an excellent office chair which is both comfortable and rocks gently to prevent backache.
We have found that some groups of guests would like us to make up one or two single beds (165 cm long) in this room instead of having these in the bed-sitting room.  We are happy to do this, but remind guests that there is only one small window in this room. Please consider when looking at our photographs, what your group would be happiest with and let us know a few days in advance.

This shows the small window and the extra bed.  The door to the home services room is locked.  The toilet room is to the left.

Looking through the door into the toilet room.

Looking along the corridor from the bed-sitting room door, towards the door into the games room.  This is where we display brochures, time-tables and suggestions for cafés, restaurants and take-aways in this district.  Behind the photographer there is a large window opening to the garden.

There are lots of books in the apartment.  You are very welcome to read these while you are staying at Sheep’s Inn.  However if you want a book to take with you when you leave for your next destination, then you can choose one from the shelves in the corridor marked for this purpose.  Books-to-take have a label on the front saying that we hope you will enjoy the book!

In the playroom/second bedroom there is also a linen cupboard where guests can find extra bed-clothes and blankets.  The single bed here is large and very comfortable.

We can provide a selection of toys for children.  Usually Cixi and her cuddly animals live in the games room, but sometimes her best friend Nora, who comes from Africa, takes her place. The big Norwegian moose and his mates are usually somewhere in the apartment.  Large size lego for young children is a favourite.  There are building blocks and a lorry as well as small trucks and diggers.   Other enjoyable pastimes are the selection of jigsaws, board games and puzzles.

Take-aways & delivery services

Take-aways & delivery services

At Vito's restaurant beside the harbour in Vollen

There are several fast food, take-away establishments and delivery services available in and near Vollen.  You will find leaflets and translations in the apartment for pizzas, lasagne, sushi, hamburgers and more.  Apart from these, our local grocery supermarket, REMA 1000 is open until 23:00 on weeknights, 21:00 on Saturdays (but closed on Sundays) and at  REMA you can find a wide selection of easily prepared or microwaved meals, some of which are classical Norwegian dishes.

Smak & SANS sushi take-away

The sushi is really tasty and fresh. It is very popular for “take-aways” and easy to find, just at the entrance to the Vollen supermarket Rema 1000. Smak & Sans is open from 11 a.m. Monday to Friday and from 1 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. It closes at 9 p.m. every evening.

Vito’s Vollen – restaurant and take-away (our menu translation to English is in your apartment.)

The Italian food is great, the staff very friendly and you can sit indoors or out according to the weather. You will enjoy watching the boats on the Oslo fjord and in and around the marina. We love the Scampi in salsa d’aragosta (big scampi in lobster sauce with fresh vegetables and rice) but there are lots of dishes to choose from. My grandchildren adore the children’s cheese and ham pizza, the Pasta alla bolognese, and the Lasagne al forno. Vito’s offers take-away dishes too. At weekends, there is often live music or concerts – even an “Opera evening”

Eléa – Greek restaurant in the centre of the village

Eléa is the place for authentic Greek specialities – delicious salads, pies, cakes and lots more.  You can enjoy a meal, with a glass of Greek wine or cup of coffee or tea, inside or outside the restaurant.  Since I live so close, I often pop in for a lovely take-away to enjoy at home or on our boat.

Namnam – pizza and hamburger take-away and delivery service

Our translation of the menu, and the menu in Norwegian is in your apartment.  Delivery takes about one hour.  Namnam is about 3 km in direction Slemmestad so you can also fetch your order by car.

Peppe’s Pizza restaurant, take-away and delivery

Peppe’s Pizza is probably the oldest Italian style food chain of restaurants in Norway. The closest Peppe’s is in Asker town but the restaurant delivers to Vollen.  You will find both the restaurant, and the take-away/delivery menus in your apartment.  The restaurant menu is in English.