Oslo Summer Park

Oslo Summer Park

Oslo Summer Park is the biggest climbing park in Oslo and very popular with locals and visitors alike.  There is climbing for everyone, regardless of age or skill. There are over 150 elements among the trees, across 9 different routes of varying difficulty.  The routes range from half a meter over the ground, up to 20 meters up in the tree tops.  Don’t worry if it happens to be raining – just put on rain clothes!
However the Summer Park is more than climbing!  It is the place for renting bikes, radio cars and walking in beautiful nature with spectacular views over Oslo and the surrounding region. 
You can bring your own picnic or buy food in the kiosk.  We also recommend the excellent Frognersæter restaurant which is half way down the road towards the Holmenkollen jump.  Here you can buy reasonably priced meals which are Norwegian specialities.

It would be a good idea to combine visiting the Summer Park, with a stop at the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and the Ski Museum.  There is good parking at the Park. 
Visitors going to the Summer Park by public transport can take Bus 250 to Nationaltheatret stop in Oslo and then tram 1 up to Frognerseter stop (see picture below).  From there it is a 14 minute walk up to the park.

Drammen Spiral tunnel (Spiralen Drammen)

Drammen Spiral tunnel (Spiralen Drammen)

Please note: in 2020 the tunnel was upgraded. 

The spiral tunnel in the city of Drammen is a unique experience and in fact has been ranged by CNN Travel as one of the world’s most special tunnels.  You enter from the town and drive up 1650 meters in six and a half spirals , to emerge at Skansen. Here, apart from the magnificent view over the city, the river, and far away across the valley to the snow topped mountains of Blefjell, you will find a restaurant, outdoor folk museum and lovely paths for walking or skiing.  A dense network of these paths is lit in the winter for evening skiing.

The tunnel was excavated in 1953 when stone was needed for road and harbour building in the city.  It starts 50 meters above sea level and comes out at the top at 213 meters over sea level. The tunnel is in the shape of a helix and the car driver will soon find that he can set the driving wheel in one position to take the vehicle all the way up to the top.  Pedestrians may not use the tunnel and instead there is a zigzag track up the hillside.

In the photos above you see the Spiral Troll who stands guard half way up the tunnel.  If you decide to take the 2 km walk (please see the map below, from the car park, through the folk park where there are houses, a shop, a cabin and several Norwegian style farm store-houses (stabbur) then you’ll pass these and more.  The old style shop is open all the Sundays in May, June, August and September from noon to 3 p.m.  They sell pancakes, coffee, icecream, lemonade and candies.   Along the last 500 meters of the walk, there are magnificent views over the Drammen river and to the mountains beyond.  And pleasant benches to rest while enjoying it.  I especially recommend Hans Hansen’s viewpoint!  You end back at the restaurant, where there is a canon, pointing over the city below, to fascinate children.

Oscarshall – The Royal Summer Palace – closed for renovations in 2022

Oscarshall – The Royal Summer Palace – closed for renovations in 2022

Oscarshall, the Royal “summer palace” in Oslo, is a magical place, not very much visited by tourists. This is a small, beautifully maintained palace on the peninsula of Bygdøy in Oslo.  During opening hours you are welcome to wander in the grounds, from the palace right down to the sea and you will find lunch or a snack at the Queen Josephine café.  However joining a guided tour is a very special experience for the palace transports visitors back to the mid 1800’s.

Oscarshall is open from 1st June to 30th August, from Wednesday to Sunday.   From 31st August to 9th September the palace is only open at weekends Friday – Sunday.
Opening hours are from 11:00 – 17:00.

Kongen’s Utsikt – The King’s Viewing Platform

Kongen’s Utsikt – The King’s Viewing Platform

The King’s Viewing Platform is 484 meters above the Tyrifjorden and Steinsfjorden lakes.  You can either start at Sundvolden and hike the 1300 meters up to Kleivstua or you can drive up to Kleivstua parking area beside the hotel (this is a toll road and costs NOK 30,-)  From Kleivstua you hike the rest of the way on a well marked (blue stripes on trees) path to the the viewing platform. This takes about 30 minutes each way and when you arrive, the steep parts of the path have been worth the effort for the views are amazing!  However it is sensible to bring water bottles and perhaps a snack to eat at the top.

We enthusiastically recommend the restaurant at Sundvolden Hotell. Pictured are the King’s View Chicken salad and the delicious Prawn sandwich (Rekedigg).  Either cost about Nkr 200,- in 2019.  The chef uses herbs from the Hotel herb garden.

Picnic benches & rest benches around Vollen

Picnic benches & rest benches around Vollen

In and around Vollen village you will find lots of places for having a picnic or just a rest to enjoy the view.  The people of the village have contributed to setting out the picnic tables and benches – and they are all for locals and visitors’ use, on the principle of first come, first sit down.  Many have wonderful views of the Oslo fjord right into Oslo or down to the islands in the south, but others might be sited at the top of a hill or beside one of the many little lakes where it is fun to watch the bird life.   Finding your favourite bench and maybe enjoying a take-away sandwich or other picnic food from REMA, is the Norwegian way to eat out at a table with a wonderful view at a moderate cost.
Walking in the forests, along the coastal path or in the hills, is a necessity for Norwegians – there are even some benches placed in beautiful but secluded places and called “Tenkebenk”   The idea is that it is healthy to slow down now and then and simply allow thoughts to gather and mature.

Free Beach Library

You will find a bookshelf at the beach just beyond the Oslo fjord boat museum.  Here you can open the glass doors and browse for a book to read on the beach or take home with you.  It is hoped that you will return the book or leave another favourite in its place.

The bookshelf is administered by our Asker municipal library who have placed several of these outdoor cupboards at local beaches and even at some bus-stops.


View to the Marina

Watch lake bird-life beside Arnestad school

Just below REMA with views to Oslo

Several picnic tables below Café Oscar

At the top of Plommedalsveien

On Rabben at Selvikbukta

Looking at the ferry landing place

On the outer breakwater at Selvikbukta

On Selvikbukta breakwater, view to Oslo

At the alpaca farm

Bench for contemplation at Rabben

Rest before/after diving in

Shady bench on Rabben

One of the picnic benches at Arnestad school

An all-year place for grilling at Selvikbukta

The beach at the Oslo Fjord Boat Museum

Frisbeegolf course

Frisbeegolf course

There is a beautiful, and very varied frisbee golf course at Vollen.  The whole course is found throughout the forest and down to the seaside at Vollen.  This frisbeegolf course attracts keen adult experts who are amazing to watch in action, and also complete beginners and all those whose skill lies in-between!  I have some frisbees for SheepsInn guests who would like to try so just ask me if you’d like to borrow them.