The people of Asker voted the path around Sem Lake as the designated site for the year 2000.  This is a very pleasant walk of about 5 km.  It is very popular with both the local population and visitors to Asker.  A view of cows in a pasture on the lake shore has been used for advertising purposes by a well known chocolate maker!
On Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, there is a café, Bryggerhuset, about half way round.  The opening times are below.  You might also like to have a snack at the NaKuHel Smia café close to the main road, Semsveien. NakuHel Smia is open every day until about 3 p.m.  It opens at 10 a.m. on weekdays and 11.30 a.m. at weekends.

The map below shows the parking lot on the south of Sem Lake.  You then walk to the west and follow the path to Hans Christian Aaby’s farm where the Bryggerhuset café is open some days.  After this you can continue your walk, past the very pretty waterfall and further past the path down to the Kindergarden.  You continue to the NaKuHel Smia café.  Then back to the parking lot.  This constitutes a pleasant walk of about 5 kilometers.

Looking from the Bryggerhuset café across the lake to Asker church tower

Opening times for the Bryggercafé

The waterfall about half a kilometer further from Bryggerhuset café

Sem nature kindergarden on the lake side. This is for children from one to five years old and is very popular.