Ekeberg Park (Ekebergparken)

Ekeberg park is large, with woods, established paths and art. (Click the link for a map of the park and details of all the works of art)  All sculptures are of high quality and are representative of European art history of the last 130 years. (Just a few examples are Per Ung, Damien Hirst, Gustav Vigeland, Auguste Rodin and Salvador Dalí) So far 39 sculptures have been erected. These will in coming years be accompanied by more artworks. The combination of Ekeberg’s long history, the beautiful nature and the splendid sculptures offers visitors a triple experience.

Karlsborg Spiseforretning is a small restaurant with an amazing view over Oslo harbour and the fjord.  You can enjoy soups, salads, sandwiches, warm dishes and delicious cakes as well as very welcome hot coffee and chocolate on cold winter days!

Sean Henry’s Walking Woman

Richard Hudson’s Marilyn Monroe

Salvador Dali’s Venus de Milo Aux Tiroirs

Ann-Sofi Sidén’s Fideicommissum