Right to Roam

In Norway there is a huge possibility to walk, cycle, ski or sail over the whole country.  These rights are set out in detail in the Norwegian Environment Agency’s brochure, Right to Roam.  There are also extensive coastal paths and tracks along the sea and fjords.  In Vollen we are lucky enough to have a wonderful coastal path.  Vollen is a very peaceful and safe village but some roads suitable for jogging or walking are used both by motorists and pedestrians.  In summer we have many hours of daylight, but by Mid-September the days are much shorter and in the winter months, especially before the arrival of the snow, motorists find it difficult to spot pedestrians crossing roads or walking where there is no footpath.  Children, dogs & horses are equipped with reflector vests.  At the very least, people should wear reflectors when training. If you don’t wear a reflector vest, the best place to put bands on is at ankle level.
You will find six reflector bands on the window sill in the kitchen.  Please borrow a couple of bands and enjoy getting around Vollen by night – safely.