The King’s Viewing Platform is 484 meters above the Tyrifjorden and Steinsfjorden lakes.  You can either start at Sundvolden and hike the 1300 meters up to Kleivstua or you can drive up to Kleivstua parking area beside the hotel (this is a toll road and costs NOK 30,-)  From Kleivstua you hike the rest of the way on a well marked (blue stripes on trees) path to the the viewing platform. This takes about 30 minutes each way and when you arrive, the steep parts of the path have been worth the effort for the views are amazing!  However it is sensible to bring water bottles and perhaps a snack to eat at the top.

We enthusiastically recommend the restaurant at Sundvolden Hotell. Pictured are the King’s View Chicken salad and the delicious Prawn sandwich (Rekedigg).  Either cost about Nkr 200,- in 2019.  The chef uses herbs from the Hotel herb garden.