A pleasant drive of about three quarters of an hour takes you to Filtvet lighthouse (Filtvet fyr). It is also possible to take the 250 bus going south from Vollen and change to the 85 bus.  This bus trip takes about an hour but check on the bus planner.  Filtvet is an important lighthouse at the entrance to the narrowest part of the Oslo fjord.  The restaurant, Villa Malla, is right beside the lighthouse and commands an amazing view of the fjord and the passing ships and boats of all sizes.  Visitors can enjoy Mediterranean style lunch or dinner buffets or just buy icecream. At lunch time, you can have a sustaining bowl of soup of the day while watching for some of the world’s largest cruise ships to pass by – or just a few sailboats.  If planning on having dinner, check http://villamalla.no/info/ to ensure that the restaurant is not closed for a special event such as a wedding.
Right beside the restaurant you might like to visit the art gallery, Galleri Malla, sunbathe on the sandy beach or have a swim in the fjord. The most adventurous might like to book a water scooter for speed on the fjord

After visiting Filtvet, you might like to return to Sheeps Inn by driving up the west side of the peninsula, perhaps visiting the picturesque village of Holmsbu.  Alternatively you could return along the Oslo fjord coast, through the villages of Sætre, Båtstø, Nærsnes and Slemmestad.