Kristiansand is too far for a day trip from Vollen but if you are driving the coast road to Stavanger, and have small children, this is a fun destination.  A few kilometers outside the city of Kristiansand, there is a Zoological park which is very well worth a visit. However this park is also famous for its replica of Kardemomme town. Kardemomme By is one of the most loved children’s story books in Norway.  It’s full title in English is “When the robbers came to Cardamom Town” and it would be hard to find a child here who could not sing some of the songs in the story.  The main theme is “You should not bother others, you should be nice and kind, and otherwise you may do as you like.”
But this is a story with lots of fun, laughter and drama – including a lion, a midnight raid of the town angry woman, a fire and a town party.  During the summer you can visit the houses, meet the characters and even join in a tram ride or watch a theatre play of the story.

You will find lots of information about the Kardemomme town and the zoo park on the website