Drive to the End of the World (Verdens Ende)

The name is perhaps a little dramatic, but that what the southernmost point of the island of Tjøme is called.  Two of our guests from the Netherlands drove down one windy afternoon in March and thoroughly recommended making the trip.  Verdens Ende is reached by driving from Vollen to Tønsberg, crossing the bridge to the island of Nøtterøy and then across another bridge unto the island of Tjøme.   These islands are a paradise in the summer months but winds and gales in other seasons make the experience even more thrilling as the waves from the Skaggerak break onto the polished rocks of the shores.   Many of the art galleries, kiosks and booths are closed outside the summer season but there are restaurants such as Verdens Ende Spiseriet which has an absolutely amazing panoramic view of the sea. This restaurant is open daily from 12:00 – 19:00 but closed on Mondays.

The restaurant can be seen in the middle of the photo, up on the top of the rocks.

Even on a fine July day, it can be pretty windy right out at the end of the island.  Best to bring a light jacket and it’s always possible to find a sheltered spot for some sun-bathing…

On fine days you might see wedding groups having photographs taken at The End of the World

The restaurant is especially popular on fine days but cosy and with spectacular views in stormy weather.