Oscarsborg Fortress

Taken from a plane on the approach to Oslo airport from the south, the island on which the Oscarsborg fortress stands, is in the middle of the narrowest part of the Oslo fjord, between the town of Drøbak on the eastern shore and the big island of Håøya. The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency manages Oscarsborg fortress which has had the important function of defending the seaward approach to the capital. With its strategic location on an island, Oscarsborg Fortress is a very popular tourist destination, with its own marina and great biological diversity. The fortress area is open all year.
Oscarsborg is especially famous because at this most narrow part of the fjord approaching the capital, the first invading war-ship, the Blücher from Germany, was sunk by cannon and torpedo fire in 1940.

Oscarsborg is only accessible by boat. A ferry service runs every day all year from Drøbak to Oscarsborg Fortress. The crossing from Drøbak takes about 10 minutes. If the weather is good, we recommend sitting on the sun deck. Check the ferry timetable in advance since summer and winter schedules differ.

Oscarsborg Fort,
It is easiest to get from Vollen to Drøbak by car, although for some weeks in June and July there is a weekend ferry route.  Drive south past the villages of Nærsnes, Båtstø and Åros to Sætre and then take route 23 through the 7 km Oslofjord tunnel to Drøbak.  Follow signs for the Oscarsborg ferry which leaves from the harbour and arrives at the west of the island.