Kistefos Museum and Sculpture Park

Kistefos Museum and Sculpture Park is well worth the 70 minute drive from Vollen. In the autumn of 2019, the utterly amazing TWIST bridge gallery was opened.  This has since been acclaimed as one of the two must-see buildings in Norway and one of the most fascinating constructions in the world.  But apart from the Twist, there is the Industrial museum, and a wonderful park to wander through.  You will find exciting installations and sculptures by Norwegian and international artists for the whole family to enjoy.  Several are interactive and enchant adults and children alike. The park is open from the third week of May to the end of the first week of October.  There is a café, picnic area, children’s adventure park and gift shop.  On warm days children will want to have their swim suits to be able to play in the amazing water and mirror fountain!  On the day you drive to Kistefos, you might want to visit Hadeland Glass Works which is nearby.

Samsmoveien 41, 3520 Jevnaker

GPS Coordinates:
60° 13′ 27.0192” N
10° 22′ 17.5296” E

We suggest that you take the direct route (in blue) driving the E16 to Norderhov and then turning right into road 241 to the Kistefos Museum.  When returning you might like to take the grey route which takes you through Hønefoss (direct translation Hen in the Waterfall) admiring the famous waterfall in the town centre.

The lakes, Steinfjorden and Tyrifjorden are very beautiful – named fjords because of the steep hills rising on all sides.