Hadeland Glassworks Village

Hadeland Glassworks enjoys an idyllic setting on the southern shore of the lake Randsfjorden, just 80 minutes’ drive from Vollen.  The Glassworks was founded in 1762 and is Norway’s oldest handicraft manufacturer in continuous operation. In summer and at weekends throughout the year, it is possible to blow your own glass.  You must wait for about 90 minutes after blowing until the glass is sufficiently hardened to be taken home, but meanwhile there are lots of cafés, boutiques and gift shops to visit.  And you might want to try colouring a candle or two while waiting – a great gift for grandparents?

Looking really great!
Watching the furnace work
A present for Mamma

Hadeland Glassverk,
Glassverksveien 9,
3520 Jevnaker

GPS Coordinates
60° 14′ 15.8604” N
10° 23′ 49.0164” E

We suggest that you take the direct route (in blue) to Hadeland Glass Works.  When returning you might like to pause at Hønefoss (direct translation Hen in the Waterfall) admiring the famous waterfall in the town centre.

The lakes, Steinfjorden and Tyrifjorden are very beautiful – named fjords because of the steep hills rising on all sides.