Drøbak Christmas Shop – all year round!!

If you come to Norway in November and December, you will find Norwegian julenisser (Christmas elves and Father Christmas) everywhere – and lots and lots of seasonal decorations on sale in the shops.  But these might be more difficult to find at other times of the year.  So a visit to the Christmas Shop and Father Christmas post office in Drøbak town is the answer.  See opening times on the website.  Drøbak is a very pleasant small town on the east side of the Oslo fjord.  If driving there, be aware that there is a genuine (and Norway’s only) traffic sign telling motorists to take care as Santa may be crossing the road!!

You might like to visit the Akvarium beside the harbour while you are there: open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. year round with extended opening till 6:30 from 1st April – 31st August.


The Christmas Shop, Havnebakken 6, 1440 Drøbak

GPS Coordinates:
59° 39′ 46.746” N
10° 37′ 42.7476” E

From Vollen it is easiest to get to the town of Drøbak by driving south to Sætre and taking the Oslo fjord tunnel. There is no longer any toll levied on this tunnel but take care not to exceed the speed limit.  An alternative even more scenic route to the tunnel is to turn left at Slemmestad and drive through the small villages of Nærsnes, Båtstø and Sætre, to where you join route 23 for Drøbak.

In late June and July there is a weekend ferry service between Vollen and Drøbak.